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The Power of Positive Thinking

Just as beauty is in the eye’s of the beholder, so is the world itself. The way we perceive our environment and the circumstances around us has very much to do with our beliefs and way of thinking. Whether our mental attitude is predominately positive or negative will serve as a veil through which we see the world. However, many underestimate the power of perspective and the feelings that naturally become attached to our views.  If we get stuck in traffic we can either perceive it as a hassle and get irritated or we can see it as directing our timing. If we find ourselves in an undesirable situation, we can look for someone to blame and feel angry or we can remember that everything happens for a reason. Obstacles present themselves in order to make way for opportunity or for us to learn an important lesson. If we maintain this confidence the world begins to hold a beautiful optimism.

The Benefits of Positive Thinking

1. Reduced Stress

Worrying stems from uncertainty. If we are able to let go and hold the knowledge that the world will take care of our desires, worry is replaced with calm assurance. Stress is debilitating not only to our health but to our mental and emotional well-being. By removing this toxic presence in our lives we will witness a significant improvement not only in ourselves but in our outer experiences.

2. Renewed Energy

Without everyday stressors weighing us down, it becomes possible to experience increased strength and vitality. With replenished vigour new heights become possible and challenges are less difficult, maybe even stimulating.

3. Stronger Health

Positivity leads to changes in the brain and the natural release of endorphins. These neural chemicals not only increase happiness but also ease pain. Also, increased metabolism, reduced tension leading to a stronger immune system, improved circulation, and enhanced mental and emotional state. An optimistic outlook on life even increases longevity.

4. Deeper Relationships

When maintaining a quality of joyful confidence you magnetize those who will bring more happiness into your life. In effect you connect yourself to genuine people and relationships that provide reciprocal satisfaction. The energy you give out is like a boomerang, so make sure its something you’d want to get back!

5. Attracting what you want

Positive attracts positive. Negative feelings invite negative circumstances. A strong belief that the universe will take care of your desires opens the way for manifestation. The trick is keeping a positive mind and despite any hardship your wishes will be taken care of. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways that can only be understood in retrospect.

6. Improved quality of life

Life attains delightful buoyancy, allowing one to effortlessly ride its waves. By calming useless mental frustration and learning to put a positive spin on one’s daily convictions, everything will appear to effortlessly fall into place. This allows one to release unnecessary control and find enjoyment through everyday experiences.

7. Focused Direction–>Success

Clarity of mind brings mental focus. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Positive actions lead to progressive affirmations, which lead to success! By removing worry and apprehension, mental strength is doubled. With a goal in focus and a strong mindset, the path to success is direct.

8. Expanded awareness, peace

Expanded awareness can be achieved through detachment from circumstance. It is this self-removal from situations that allow us to ward off negative thoughts and feelings, while experiencing true bliss. Keep a fully conscious mind and allow yourself to enter the realm of knowingness where only the wishes you communicate can be brought into your life.

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