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The Secret is Out: Biolage Reinvented


Matrix Biolage 2014 Unveiling

Recently, Matrix Canada has unveiled their reinvented line of Biolage products for 2014–one that incorporates key aspects of nature, protects the environment, as well as the introduction of the trans-formativePeli-cure(an express hair polishing service for shiny, silky, soft hair)! I got one of the first looks along with some other fab media attendees and absolutely love the vision behind this new line.

So what makes this line different exactly?

Key Features:

  • Secrets of Nature–many incredible inventions are a result of mimicking the fundamental powers that nature has to offer. But why not utilize this same concept in beauty? With the new Biolage line, Matrix has used science to decode the “secrets of nature” and offer superior formulas with these powerful botanical ingredients. Taking from this unique resilience, they’ve delivered customized quality formulas for strength, volume, nourishment, shine, and color-last. This translates to more hydration, more color, more volume, and more control!
  • Going Green: They’re using 50% post-consumer recycled plastic for packaging, they’re bottle are 100% recyclable, use less C02, and their shampoos are all PARABEN-FREE.
  • Peli-Cure: an innovative express hair polishing service for shiny, silky and soft hair in just minutes. It’s a brand new carbonizing powder that enhances the properties of your salon/at-home treatments by boosting penetration, stimulating blood circulation to the scalp, and re-balancing hair to its natural pH after color services. In short, it’s a quick and affordable way to always ensure a great hair day 😉

Biolage HydraSource


Matrix Biolage HydraSource Shampoo $17.95/Conditioner $19.95/ Mask $22.50

The Promise: Up to 15x more moisturized hair after 1 application.

The Secret: By storing water in its thick, waxy leaves, the aloe plant holds 97% moisture. This entrapped moisture enables it to survive long periods of dryness with no rainfall. Like the moisture-rich Aloe Plant, the use of Aloe enhances the ability for hair to retain its hydration. After just 1 application, hair’s hydration levels are optimized to maximize moisture absorption, leaving hair with 15x more moisture.

Biolage ColorLast


Matrix ColorLast Shampoo $17.95/Conditioner $19.95/ Mask $22.50/Shine Shake $18.50

The Promise: Salon-vibrant color for up to 9 weeks.

The Secret: Orchids contain flavanoids that filter out UV rays that can oxidize color while the antibacterial lipid layer maintains even saturation of hue.

Nature’s ever-vibrant treasure, the Orchid, has been known to withstand fading and retain its luscious color. Biolage captures the power of the Orchid to help resist fading, leaving hair color to defy time. The secret formula helps protect hair from free radicals, rebalance moisture to avoid desaturation and even out hair’s surface to ensure a saturated, shiny, vivid color that stays truer and longer, providing hair with salon-vibrant color for up to 9 weeks.

Biolage VolumeBloom

Matrix Biolage VolumeBloom Shampoo $17.95/Conditioner $19.95/ Full-lift Volumizer $18.50

The Promise: 70% more volume after 1 application.

The Secret: The Cotton Flower grows with elastic, tensile fibers that grow twisted and form expansive interspace ensuring long-lasting shape.

The use of Cotton gives limp, lifeless hair hope with long lasting bouncy volume. Hair is plumped and expanded by multiplying the inter-fiber space, allowing hair to achieve 70% more volume after just one use.

The Verdict: I’ve been using the VolumeBloom Shampoo and Conditioner for the past week and found that even instantly (after the first wash) I noticed bigger volume. I was pretty much blown-away actually. It totally delivers as promised and I love that it stems from naturally-derived properties. My hair feels thicker, shiny, easy to manage, and pretty much unstoppable with a teasing comb. I’ve also had no need to reach for my extensions (which usually offer me a quick volume boost by simply clipping in sections, however, I have to carve out an extra 10 minutes in prep time for this). Below is a happy me, with bigger hair than usual 🙂


Biolage SmoothProof


Matrix Biolage SmoothProof Shampoo $17.95/Conditioner $19.95/Leave-in Cream $18.50/Serum $18.50

The Promise: Perfectly smooth hair for up to 72 hours.

The Secret: The Camellia Flower (seen in yellow above) benefits from uninterrupted lipid production that insulates and smooths each petal while sealing humidity out. The use of this natural ingredient lets hair say good-bye to frizz and unwanted volume. It helps to lock out moisture for control and smoothness, achieving perfectly smooth, straight hair for up to 72 hours.

Products are offered exclusively in Matrix Salons.

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