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The Seven Bar Foundation

Where Fashion Meets Philanthropy

“My inspiration comes from the women in the world who live on under a dollar a day, break their backs to make it and still smile back at life.” -Renata M. Black

Providing micro-finance through luxury is this group’s mandate, creating the conditions for impoverished women to gain a foothold on their lives by providing them the opportunity to do so. Since 2001, Renata M. Black developed and spearheaded the mission to provide underprivileged women with small business loans that would give them the potential for long-term success. If you ever heard of the saying “give someone a fish, they eat for a day; teach someone how to fish, they eat for a lifetime”, this is very similar. Instead of creating cultures of dependency, the Seven Bar Foundation is heralding a movement that empowers others around the world to subsist through their own accord.
This beautifully designed exit strategy for women living in poverty is supported through an elegant symbiotic relationship between luxury businesses, such as lingerie, the desire for brand promotion, as well as the philanthropy of the cause. As the revenue is generated through participating add campaigns, women around the world are set-up with the means necessary to start out their own business ventures. Consequently, this translates into a model of social impact generating mass economic consciousness along with a sustainable business model rather than charitable donation.
View the following videos below to catch a glimpse of their considerable outreach…

Lingerie Show New York in 2010


Lingerie New York Extended Video from Seven Bar Foundation on Vimeo.

Lingerie Show Miami in 2009


Lingerie Miami Highlights from Seven Bar Foundation on Vimeo.

If you would like to donate to this wonderful and inspiring cause click here.

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