Monday , 23 April 2018
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The Soul of Leadership

I’ve recently become an avid Deepak Chopra fan, literally clearing the shelves at Chapters and ordering his sold out books online. I know that may sound a bit extreme but I became so devoted to wanting to hear everything he had to say that I just wanted to keep reading. Thus, I read every book he wrote…even his rendition of Buddha’s life story. Not only was he inspiring, but I felt as if his positive energy was actually reaching out to me through the pages and affecting my life. His words were insightful, his stories and anecdotes were entertaining, and his knowledge was extremely useful. He made me strongly believe that you can manifest anything you want in life. Even so, the truth is we all need a little motivation sometimes and positive guidance. I definitely recommend any of his delightful reads, it will leave you refreshed and having learned something new.

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In his latest work, The Soul of Leadership, he provides a practical guide toward enlightened leadership. His easy to follow steps are sure to relieve the stressors involved in being a leader and if you aren’t one he will empower you to be by giving you access to the very qualities that leaders are born of. This book is definitely worth the read if you’re in the mood to be inspired. Enjoy, 🙂

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