Sunday , 18 March 2018
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The Starbucks Diet

The Starbucks Diet

What would it be like to live off Cake Pops and Frappacinos? Well, a woman who has named herself “Beautiful Existance” will be able to tell you. This brave lady from Seattle has pledged to adopt this bizarre diet in hopes of getting a distinct message across–the fact that the Western world is spoiled with luxury food options, whereas other countries are deprived of this variety. I think there are much more serious food problems around the world other than…access to luxury coffee. 

Therefore, she is presenting her claims by eating a diet that solely consists of Starbucks food and drink items (they do make a mean tuna wrap) for an entire YEAR. The number of things wrong with this idea boggles my mind.

First, she will be spending nearly $20 U.S. per day to feed herself at Starbucks. Almost twice than what the average American will spend on groceries. And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, that’s not even her biggest problem. What the &*(&# are you going to buy at Starbucks with less than $20!?! This poor woman is going to be starving.

Not to mention she will be depriving herself of her nutritional needs. Even though she is claiming that Starbucks has plenty of “variety”, a few veggie/fruit boxes and ham sandwiches just aren’t going to cut it. What do they put in there…3 apple slivers?

She’d be better off fasting to protest world hunger (since that’s a much bigger issue than having Starbucks). But hey I guess nobody’s been bold enough to try this one.

Do I think it will last? Well, there was that brave soul who ate only McDonald’s for a whole month, and that didn’t end too well…for his health (his pocket was a whole other story). It did though serve a greater purpose in shining light on the problem of obesity, while also grossing a total of over 20 million in his documentary “Super Size Me”. But I don’t really think “Beautiful Existance” chose the right issue, so it will probably flop.

Personally, I’ll reserve Starbucks for my soy latte’s 🙂

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