Thursday , 19 April 2018
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The Ultimate Beauty Pampering

A Few Reasons why I Love Cake:

  1. They have the most luscious smelling items and each application is euphoric.
  2. They combine top quality ingredients such as nourishing butters and oils.
  3. They are PARABEN FREE (parabens are chemical preservatives)!
  4. They actually do the job 🙂

Spoil yourself with the decadence of CakeBeauty and try out these delicious items!


    Indulge Eau De Parfume

    This hot new item *Indulge* will be introduced to you beauty sensationalists this coming Fall. It is Cake’s first “eau de parfume” with an Ultra sweet blend of citrus,  vanilla, and a subtle hint of musk. It possesses an elegant balance that is soft, sweet, and inviting.  The bottle is also fashionably light and convenient and I take it with me everywhere! This delicious blend has become a must for my make-up bag–I am so happy that Cake came out with this fragrance!


    Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse

    This yummy body mousse smells so amazing you wish you could eat the bottle! Smoothing it on after a hot shower will have you lost in 5 minutes of aromatic bliss. It is a sweet mix of rich whipped tahitian vanilla and coconut that will leave its enticing scent lingering on your skin. ($22) at


    Cake Walk Triple-Mint Foot Creme

    Cake Walk is the perfect remedy after a long day in high heels! You’re a goddess after-all and comfortable shoes usually  just don’t do the trick. So after you’ve strut around town in 6-inch Louboutins its time to reward your aching friends with Cake’s Triplemint Foot Creme. It is packed with nourishing butters and oils and formulated to soothe, cool, and refresh while locking in moisture for a long lasting rejuvenation.  Not to mention it smells like peppermint gum 🙂 ($16) at

    About Everything Beautiful

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