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Top 25 Eco-Beauty Finds for Summer

Top 25 Eco Beauty Finds for Summer

Eco-beauty has been all the rage and there have been a rise of many great products in the spirit of going green! This is fantastic since not only are we saving the environment, but our skin and overall health as well. Not to worry, quality is no where near compromised and in my opinion, it is even better. To demonstrate this, I’ve explored the masses and here is my list of the top 25 Eco-Beauty finds for summer 2013!

Dr. Hauschka Natural Skin Care and Makeup

1. Rose Day Cream $43.00 CAN

A lightweight formula that contains {30!} rose flowers among other nourishing oils. This cream is the perfect precursor to any makeup application since it will provide a smooth base to work with. If you want your makeup to last even longer, you may even want to apply the soothing or rejuvenating mask by Dr. Hauschka as well.

2. Soothing Mask $53.00

This skin balancing formula contains Buckwheat leaf extract which will fortify and revitalize skin. What is unique about this mask is that you can use it as a hydrating skin treatment or worn all day as a thinner layer under your makeup. It will act to replenish your skin’s moisture content all day long while keeping it balanced with quince seed extract and witch hazel.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

2. Eye Shadow Trio $49.00 CAN {Limited Edition}

From Dr. Hauschka’s Summer 2013 Collection, this limited edition Eye Shadow Trio combines three stunning shades–pearly rose to be applied from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the upper lid, matte chocolate to be applied to the outer corner of the eye as well as the crease, and a beautiful sparkling nude to highlight beneath the eyebrow.

In addition to being completely natural, I love how all of even Dr. Hauschka’s cosmetics contain skin healing ingredients. This eyeshadow trio contains: silk powder to nurture and smooth the skin, silica to strengthen the skin, kidney vetch to promote the skin’s natural equilibrium, and witch hazel to further refine the eyes.

Dr. Hauschka Eye Shadow Trio

3. Translucent Make-Up $37.00 CAN

This light, natural foundation creates a flawless complexion using only the highest quality ingredients and mineral pigments. It’s also infused with macadamia nut, avocado, and jojoba oil to moisturize and protect skin.

It is the perfect summer foundation because its extremely light, yet creates a beautifully even appearance. It also won’t clog your pores like foundations with synthetic ingredients and silicon oils would–in the summer heat this is especially essential! Being in the heat opens up your pores and consequently, your skin absorbs what it holds on the surface. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure it is healing to your skin instead of causing unwanted blemishes.

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Makeup

4. Concealer $24.00 CAN

As always, it’s important to cover up under-eye circles and blemishes with a shade a touch lighter than your foundation. This concealer by Dr. Hauschka is fantastic because it nurtures the skin and calms irritation (a side effect of having breakouts) with anthyllis, carrot and calendula, while allowing your pores to breathe and recover.

This blend also contains avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter for additional smoothness and nourishment. I especially love this concealer stick because any blemish seems to noticeable improve throughout the day. Whereas other {synthetic} concealers tend to irritate them more with chemical ingredients!

Dr. Hauschka Concealer

5. Bronzing Powder $40.00 CAN

Made with real silk, rose blossoms, and jojoba oil to nurture, contour, and provide a healthy summer glow. This bronzing powder is fantastic since it will add a stunning summer hue, without clogging your pores. In comparison to products containing synthetic ingredients, you can actually feel the difference in that your skin can breathe. Whereas other cosmetics tend to make your pores feel suffocated and heavy. This is definitely worth the splurge.

Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder

Below I am wearing all of the products listed above 🙂 Rose day cream as the base, followed by the Translucent Makeup, Concealer under the eyes, and Bronzing Powder dusted all over. For my eyes I used the Eyeshadow trio to provide a soft smokey eye. And voila, a beautiful summer day look that actually feels like fantastic on my skin.

Dr. Hauschka Natural Cosmetics

6. Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash  $25.00 CAN

The final product I’m going to mention by Dr. Hauschka today is this invigorating Lemon Lemongrass body wash. Most body washes will contain synthetic ingredients like sulphates to produce a lathering effect, parabens as a preservative, various colorings and synthetic “parfum”–to name a few. Instead, this vitalising body wash contains only the highest quality botanicals for a natural scent and premium cleanliness. It also contains the key ingredient quince seed, which actually works to activate the skin and prompting it to absorb and retain moisture. Synthetic ingredients on the other hand, would strip the natural oils from your skin and irritate it further only necessitating the lathering of a cream post-shower.

Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash

Here is a helpful chart from Dr. Hauschka demonstrating a few key differences between Natural vs. Traditional (synthetic) Cosmetics:

Natural Cosmetics

Traditional Cosmetics

Vegetable oils : easily absorbed by the skin, each oil offers a wide range of ingredients such as vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids etc.

Petrochemical raw materials such as paraffin oil and synthetic silicone oils, when used in higher concentrations, they prevent the skin from breathing properly.

Emulsifiers derived from coconut oil and palm oil. necessary to combine water and oil to produce creams and lotions.

Polyethylene glycols (INCI: starting with “PEG”) are the most commonly used emulsifiers, as these are low-priced and do not require complicated processing. They are suspected of making the skin

more permeable to harmful substances.

Plant extracts, have many positive effects on the skin and are an important component.

Used in minute quantities

Scenting: Only natural essential oils are used for scenting natural cosmetics. More than 3,000 kg of rose petals are required to make one litre of essential rose oil. Genuine essential oil is a composition comprised of more than 300 different compounds. Essential oils have antimicrobial effects as well as aromatherapeutic benefits.

In the INCI declaration, both natural essential oils and synthetic fragrances are designated as “perfume”. This unfortunately means that it is not possible for consumers to differentiate.

Synthetic preservatives, have a powerful scent.

Colours and dyes: Only colours from natural sources are used in natural cosmetics.

Synthetic azoic dyes are present.

Tensides: Sugar tensides (INCI: e.g. Coco Glucoside), as these are both very mild and gentle. However, they produce less foam than do conventional tensides.

Sodium lauryl sulphate (INCI: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a commonly-used tenside. This compound has become controversial as a result of its potential to cause irritation.

Preservatives: Dr.Hauschka does not use any whatsoever.

In conventional aqueous preparations, preservatives are generally used. The most familiar of these are the parabens (INCI: e.g. Ethylparaben).

Land Art

Eco-beauty is in no means limited to skin care and cosmetics. Land Art has come up with two key beauty items that are 100% natural and equally amazing.

7. ChlOralfa All Natural Mouthwash $6.99

This is pretty much a staple item on everyone’s counter for that morning or any-time of day refreshment. Traditional mouthwashes contain harmful dyes and preservatives–not something you’ll want to swish around your mouth and swallow residual traces of. This is why I love Land Art for combining natures best for the same effect. This mouthwash harnesses the deodorizing properties of chlorophyll with the added effects of anti-bacterial and anti-viral essential oils for an extreme yet natural cleansing and antiseptic effect.

8. ChlOralfa Breath Spray $4.99

To keep this ultimate freshness going on all day, you can skip the aspartame laced gum and opt for a spritz of this peppermint-chlorophyll refreshment spray. Its a tonic that actually tastes good and will disinfect, clean, and destroy odors–naturally. In my opinion, this is a purse essential!

Land Art ChlOralfa

Revitin Oral Therapy

8. Citrus Clean Natural Toothpaste $21.95

For the last (and most important) step of our oral care eco-beauty section, it’s paramount to have a great toothpaste. I’m a flouride-free advocate and Revitin seems to have generated the perfect formula for a “healthier kind of clean,” literally. In traditional toothpaste, not only is the fluoride contentious but the remainder of its ingredients as well, which usually include cancer-causing sulphates and preservatives no less. This newly launched brand, albeit on the pricey end for a toothpaste, contains a technology called NuPath Bioactives. This is an alternate way of cleansing which actually leaves a biofilm left behind to work with the ecology of the mouth and its cells, fostering healthy teeth and gums. I find this very interesting and worth a shot if you can afford to add this to your regimen. I tried it out and absolutely loved it!

Revitin Oral Therapy

Consonant Skin Care

9. Hydrextreme $72.00/ 10 ml

This prized product by Consonant Body is your solution to an extreme yet natural reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It contains a proprietary blend of exotic Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract has been clinically proven to outperform Hyaluronic Acid. In a one week panel study, 100% of participants saw improvement in moisture and 90% saw a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It is that intense! Move over Botox, this is clearly an example of nature’s best.

10. The Perfect Sunscreen SPF 30 $45.00

I simply adore this sunscreen. Usually I despise putting sunscreen on my face (even though I know its essential) because that typical greasy feeling is just so uncomfortable. However, this natural sunscreen by Consonant Body is completely the opposite. It is so lightweight and nourishing, doesn’t leave any white residue behind, and even has a tint of natural tan to it. Not only is it your perfect sunscreen as the name describes, it also acts as your ideal makeup primer–affording you one less step in your eco-beauty regimen. In my opinion, it completely rocks!!

Consonant Skin Care

Radiantly You

Probably one of the best smelling eco-beauty lines out there, Radiantly You brings the most nourishing ingredients to your skin and is an ultimate pleasure to your senses. Its also completely organic at a reasonable price. Here are my top 3:

11. Amber Vanilla Whipped Body Butter $14.50

This whipped body butter will leave your skin feeling so soft and silky you’ll want to indulge often. I could not put together a better butter myself and its scent is just heavenly. A+++

12. Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub $12.50

This scrub screams as much pleasure as the body butter. For an even silkier effect, scrub daily in the shower.

13. Organic Mint Chocolate Lip Balm $4.50

Since first trying this organic mint chocolate lip balm I’ve been completely attached. Again, ultimate smoothness combined with a delicious flavor!

Radiantly You

Intrinsic Organics

Everything about this natural line by Intrinsic Organics is premium eco-beauty quality! I feel in love with the following 3, ESPECIALLY the organic facial moisturizing serum:

14. Organic Facial Moisturizing Serum $18.00

It took me a while to get used to the concept of applying oil to my face since I thought it would only clog pores and encourage breakouts. Quite frankly, it does the opposite and after trying this one by Intrinsic Organics I am SOLD on having it as a permanent part of my routine. I apply it after my toner and before my moisturizer for a full on silky smooth feel, that is by no means greasy. It leaves behind a dewy moisture that my skin seems to totally soak up and love.

15. Organic Body Butter Ylang Ylang Vanilla $15.00

Ylang ylang and vanilla..2 of my favorite scents and combined in a body butter, it just doesn’t get any better.

16. Organic Summer Mojito Body Scrub $14.00

Exfoliating is always important and why not choose a delightful mojito blend in the spirit of summer? This scrub uses 100% organic ingredients and combines fresh key lime and peppermint essential oils, nourishing sweet almond oil, mineral rich sea salts, and detoxifying epsom salt for ultimate summer fresh skin!

Intrinsic Organics

Auspect Skin Care

This Australian born line operates under a more clinical standpoint for natural skin care products. Using the highest quality botanicals and no harsh chemicals, their aim is intensive prevention while offering natures most potent complexes.

17. Red-Less Skin Calming Serum

An anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant serum that calms breakout and heals them from within. This product also has a number of other benefits including improved collagen and cell turnover, protecting the skin from free radicals and oxidative damage, skin brightening, and wrinkle prevention.

Key ingredients: Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone), Sea Buckthorn Fruit Extract, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Mixed Tocopherols 95%, and Botanical Complex LSCD™.

18. Trouble Control

Formulated for problem skin, this serum contains Amazonian herbal extracts that will ease oiliness and reduce impurities. What’s great about this acne serum especially, is that it won’t cause your skin to dry out and flake like traditional chemical formulas containing benzoyl peroxide.

Key ingredients: Beracare Triple A Anti-Acne Active System, Stay C® 50, Mixed Tocopherols 95%, Botanical Complex SCA™, Botanical Complex LSCD™, Canadian Willowherb™, and Wasabi Extract.

19. Pro-Screen

The arguments for using a natural sunscreen are completely undisputed. Traditional sunscreens typically contain Oxybenzone, which is a hormone disrupter, and Vitamin A, which can speed the development of skin tumors–among other chemical additives!

Pro-Screen is a natural zinc-based sunscreen that offers SPF 17 broad spectrum protection. It also contains the following key ingredients: Oat Beta Glucan, Tetrahydrocurcuminoids, Astaxanthin, Wheat Germ, Olive Fruit Oil, Squalane, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil. These unique additional features will also support natural skin barrier function, whereas chemical formulas tend to weaken it, thus causing a dependency on their product. Further, it acts as a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger while supporting cell renewal.

Auspect Skin Care


20. Gold Flash Firming Serum $215

Being part Hungarian, I was amazed to hear about the natural healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters, particularly their incredible anti-aging benefits. Harnessing this remarkable power of nature, Omorovicza has developed an entire line using only the purest ingredients and of course, this miracle water! So obviously I had to give it a try.

The Gold Flash Firming Serum is lightweight, anti-inflammatory, and designed to repair, hydrate, and leave your skin as toned and radiant as ever. It uses colloidal gold to heal micro-damage, vitamin C to reduce age spots, brighten skin tone with watercress and zinc, increase vitality with various dermo-proteins, and provide lasting hydration with sodium hyaluronate. It also has a sophisticated delivery system incorporated into it, allowing for minerals to be deep within the dermal layers. If you can afford it, it is a beautiful addition to your eco-beauty regimen and is a great form of wrinkle prevention as well.

21. Correcting Pencil $30

I’ve never tried a concealer as precise as this correcting pencil. You can use it to instantly vanish imperfections, eliminate under eye circles, and easily conceal redness. It’s also very purse and travel friendly, making it a very handy item!


Lily Organics

22. Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask $28.79

This natural rejuvenating mask literally does it all. First, it contains pineapple and papaya proven to dissolve dead skin cells, it will ensure less breakouts and that your moisturizer and other skin care products get better absorbed. Next, it contains honey which is a natural surfactant–this will draw in moisture and keep skin looking supple.

Further, comfrey is present to aid in regenerating skin, healing lily minimizes scars and fine lines, horsestail builds collagen, and mint acts to draw blood to the area for a refreshed look. Last, it contains vitamin C and E which are well known antioxidants that fight free radical damage.

The best part? This fab eco-beauty item can be used on the daily for rejuvenated skin!

Lily Organics

23. Marula Oil $78/ 50 ml

We’ve all witnessed the beauty craze surrounding Argan Oil from Morocco and its multitude of restorative benefits. Now there has emerged an even HIGHER quality oil with MORE antioxidant levels than its successful counterpart. Its called Marula Oil and it is taking the eco-beauty world by storm. Originating in East Africa, its sustainably harvested and creates many opportunities for women there as well.

From a beauty standpoint, Marula oil is an ideal moisturizer since it is rich in antioxidants and omega-9 fatty acids. All you need is a few drops for smooth and radiant skin that will last all day! Its extremely soothing and will no doubt leave your skin glowing.

marula oil

24. Pure Natural Diva Botanical Perfume

Unfortunately, the amount of unknown synthetic chemicals in any given traditional perfume is actually staggering. Before now however, there weren’t many other options if you wanted to have wear a spritz of something pretty. This is all starting to change.

A fabulous new line called Pure Natural Diva Botanicals has created 4 distinctly beautiful perfumes that are completely natural. Using only the highest quality botanicals and essential oils, these concoctions are 100% pure and actually smell fantastic. Each is also soothing to the soul since you are able to embrace the natural aromas and botanicals from which they were created.

There are 4 different scents available:

PURE $100 / 1.69 oz

  • Sensually uplifting like a bright summer day–lemongrass, lavender, cassie, chamomile, lemon, lime, and Egyptian neroli

NATURAL $100/ 1.69 oz

  • A fresh and inviting picnic on a rose bordered citrus grove–clary sage, pink grapefruit, Moroccan rose, and ylang ylang

DIVA $100/ 1.69 oz

  • Full of soul, sultry, and mysterious! Natural musk, Caledonian sandalwood, and robust vanilla.

ELIXER $150/ 1.69 oz

  • A sensually uplifting aphrodisiac–vanilla, oakmoss, osmanthus, pink grapefruit, and red mandarin.

Pure Natural Diva Botanical Perfume

25. Aromahead Institute

What I feel is a fantastic tribute to our eco-beauty theme for summer is aromatherapy, and even better yet–how to do it yourself. I came across this incredible Aromatherapy school called the Aromahead Institute (founded by Andrea Butje) that shares countless recipes for DIY natural living. From beauty products like body butters, moisturizers, oils and salves to room sprays, body sprays, kitchen/bath cleaners, aromatic blends for different moods, and even natural cures for different ailments–there is limitless possibility for all your eco-beauty needs.

As a great way to get started, Andrea has released her book “Essential Living: Aromatherapy Recipes for Health and Home.” I found it to be the perfect educational and inspiring introduction into the world of aromatherapy and all of its uses! She goes through the crucial basics–what you’ll need in a starter toolkit, basic applications of aromatherapy, various tips on storage and purchasing, and then divulges some fantastic recipes for basically every area of your life.

If you’d like to explore the world of aromatherapy even as a hobby, this is your perfect starter guide!

Aromahead Institute Essential Living

So this concludes our list of the top 25 eco-beauty finds we’ve chosen for summer 2013. What’s amazing is that each of these products are incredible and guilt-free. You can easily indulge in a range of great skin care and cosmetics without worrying about chemical additives and what they are doing to your health. Also, if you have the time and passion for it, mentors like the Aromahead Institute can show you how to experiment in making your own.

I hope you found this list helpful, feel free to comment on your favorite eco-beauty product for Summer 🙂

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