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Top 4 Looks to Try This Summer

Summer is always a great time for high street shopping. The last of winter’s dull beiges, greys, and navy’s are disappearing from the sale rack and the new season brights are filling up shelves and screaming “look at me”. It might be tempting to run in and grab the lot, however the wisest thing to do would be to cut down the amount of clothes that you have and focus instead on creating the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Although this may sound daunting, it is a tried and tested way to ensure that you always look fashionable whilst spending the minimal amount of money (and time) on your outfit. It is a method favoured both by TV stylists such as Gok Wan. Choose one of these styles and ensure that your wardrobe is co-ordinated around that.

Hippie Chick

The Bohemian look is a summer classic. Long flowing maxi dresses, bright prints, and asymmetric cuts will ensure that you look like a devil may care boho chick. When deciding on colours, remember bright is best; reds, oranges, and yellows. Try not to worry about clashing; although the addition of white chiffon can add a classy, urban edge. Ensure you have a matching hairstyle by investing in some salt spray. Apply to wet hair, and then leave to dry naturally; et voila, perfect beach babe waves to go with your laid back look. Think Moroccan style; flights to Marrakech are increasingly popular, as Morocco has made it into the top 20 Summer Travel destination for Brits in 2011.


Skyscraper heels, denim hot-pants, and day-glo brights contrasted with black. When it comes to summer clothes, the Rio style is definitely best for clubbers and party girls. Accessorise with gold earrings and ensure that your tan is pristine. Act like an extra in a Jennifer Lopez music video. During the day you can tone down the look with gladiator flats and large print slogan tees. As for hair, glossy is best. Brazilian glamour is never subtle.


For those who feel that bold colours aren’t for them, focus on finding the remainder of the spring pastels. Tea dresses, cardigans, and flat ballet pumps are the order of the day for a flirty summer style. Crochet is fashionable in a big way, so look for crochet scarves and accessories to add quirk and flair to your summer outfits. Turquoises, pinks, and lilacs are happy partners and can be offset magnificently with lemon yellow. Try a loose chignon bun to add another layer of ladylike class.


The Wild West is hot. Go for denim, leather fringing, and faded out prints. Accessorise with feathers and turquoise pieces for an on trend hot mess look; think Ke$ha. Add a big floppy straw hat, too; not only is this stylish, it’s also practical if you’re going to be out in the sun for any length of time. During the day, or cold snaps, wear knee length socks with your cut-off denim shorts. This is another look that would take well to salt spray on the hair.


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