Monday , 23 April 2018
Beauty Tips


We ALL want beautiful skin and hopefully not at a pretty price! There are countless beauty treatments, skin creams, and promising face savers but sometimes what your skin truly wants comes from the inside. Your skin is the number one route of elimination for your body to remove toxins that have been absorbed into your system. These toxins can come from a variety of places–environmental (from the not so clean city air we breathe!), unhealthy diet choices, and even mental, physical, or emotional stress.
In order to help your body eliminate accumulated toxins it is important to NOURISH, SUPPORT, and BEAUTIFY it from the inside so that your skin doesn’t suffer the battle on its own! Here are some of my personal Tea favorites that will promisingly beautify and restore the natural glowing complexion that your skin undoubtedly has the power to hold!
Mmmm this is such a light and delicious floral blend! It is packed with complexion savers and skin renewers, basically providing your internal system with a liquid spa. It has rooibos (known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects), as well as traditional stars like rose petals, rosehip and jasmine, combined with the rejuvenating effects of oat straw and nettle leaf. And of course, cinnamon, which is Ayurveda’s complexion saver! This skin reviving concoction is caffeine-free. $7.00 at DAVIDsTEA locations and online at