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Travel Beauty: How to Stay Flawless on the Go

Traveling is an essential part of life–for me anyway. Only thing is, it takes a major toll on your skin and overall beauty routine. Whether it be long hours on a bus, train, or plane…your skin tends to get dehydrated, you lose sleep, and your body must adjust to time changes. Keeping that in mind, I’ve composed a list of must-haves for travel beauty and how to stay flawless on the go–along with a few other fab essentials 😉

Tinted Moisturizer


You’ll want something lightweight so your pores don’t feel suffocated, yet still achieve that dewy, flawless finish. Laura Mercier has a portable Tinted Moisturizer Crème Compact with an SPF of 20 which is ideal for travel and touch-ups throughout the day. Its perfect for long hours since it will add both moisture and keep your skin looking fresh and natural. I also love that its a creme compact as opposed to a liquid so you don’t have to worry about spillage or flight restrictions. ($45 CAN)

Laura_Mercier_Undercover_Concealer_PotThe Perfect Concealer

Under-eye circles and skin imperfections accompany dehydrated skin…and thus travel. This Laura Mercier Undercover Pot combines 3 steps into one convenient little package–secret camouflage, secret concealer, and translucent setting powder. It will cover just about anything and comes with a handy little mirror to easily check and re-apply without hauling out your entire makeup bag. This one is a must! ($34 CAN)

Refreshing Mist



This is literally a godsend for long-lasting makeup. Fix’ Make-Up from Clarins is a refreshing mist that contains silica microspheres to reduce the appearance of shine, grapefruit and vitamin C extract to revive your makeup color while restoring radiance, and leaves your skin hydrated and of course, fresh. This is essential for long travel days and will keep your makeup looking brand new. Its conveniently packaged for travel and all you do is hold it a few inches from your face and spritz as often as necessary. ($30 CAN)

foot lingerieTootsies aka Foot Lingerie

Travel beauty is not just about keeping a flawless face, but also about comfort. My must-have for long plane rides is a hot new item called foot lingerie or “tootsies”–created by model and friend Kristen Vanderhoeven. These pretty lace slip-ons will let you feel both comfortable and beautiful–who wants to wear shoes on a plane, anyway? They also look killer with a pair of heels. Heck, I actually wear these everywhere. No time for a pedicure? Thank heavens for Tootsies 🙂 They also come in a variety of beautiful styles! One size fits all and they’re only $22 CAN per pair. Check them out online at Tootsie Shoppe.


A Lasting Manicure

When traveling (or any other time for that matter) a chip-free mani is essential. There’s nothing more annoying than having a fresh manicure only for it to chip a day later–and this happens A LOT. So imagine my intrigue with CND’s new VINYLUX Weekly polish system and killer top coat.

This system requires no base coat–simply 2 coats of your favorite VINYLUX shade (see my faves below) and one top coat. The polish self-adheres to your nail and actually gets MORE durable in natural sunlight…how’s that for travel perfect? While the top coat creates a super-strong outer shield, further preventing any chipping, scratches, denting, and even dulling. Oh, and did I mention this manicure will dry completely in only 8.5 minutes? Ah-mazing.


From Left: Cake Pop, Cream Puff, and Dark Lava + Top Coat


$11.90 CAN each–available at Trade Secrets, Chatters, and salons worldwide.

A Designer Flask from Ted Baker

So I recently enjoyed a “Picnic in the Park” to preview Ted Baker’s AW’13 line (which I’m still drooling over)…I mean look at a few of their new pieces:

I’ve always adored Ted Baker for their stunning florals, detailed patterns, and elegant shapes. I would adore ANY of these for Fall.

But along with their vast selection of jaw-dropping pieces, they’re also celebrating their 25 year anniversary and gifted us with these adorable flasks! Now this is definitely a fun travel essential 😉

ted-baker-flaskFYI: Nail polish above is CND’s VINYLUX “Cream Puff”

The Best Hair Lift

Kevin Murphy–one of my most favorite hair lines ever, has the neatest little product called “POWDER.PUFF“. It’s a little jar of volumising powder that you just sprinkle onto your roots for instant volume and texture. You can use it for messy casual volume or full on body–it lifts and holds! Its perfect for travel since your hair will tend to go flat after long hours, so this is the ideal boost. It’s even conveniently packaged so that you can just throw it in your purse and go, making it great for just about any long day ahead!

powder-puff-kevin-murphyI also have a ton of other favorites from Kevin Murphy–most of which were revealed to me earlier this summer with the launch of their “Young Again” line. Full of exotic, nourishing ingredients (minus all the junk)–the Young Again shampoo, conditioner, and treatment oil are pure elixirs of youth for hair. They revive, strengthen, and completely renew. You can also immediately tell that its working. I don’t think I’ve ever felt my hair so soft and lush post-shower!

kevin-murphy-young-againLooking for more tips on travel beauty? Here are some great recommendations from 35 travel bloggers.

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