Sunday , 18 March 2018
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Try Something New this Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful time to spread and share your love. If you are in a relationship it is a great time to show that person how much they mean to you. Write them love letters, send them heart-shaped chocolates and red roses, enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner, share a champagne jacuzzi for two and even splurge on some new lingerie. As you can see there are plenty of wonderful ways to say I Love You and what is amazing is that they will never be overdone because everyone loves to feel special.

But what really makes this day is that it is a romantic break from the hectics of everyday life which we ALL unfortunately get caught up in. It is a nice reminder for us to do something to make someone we love smile and forget about the everyday drag of routine. It’s time to spend the day having fun with the person we enjoy spending our time with most.

So here are some great ways to spend Valentine`s Day that the two of you can enjoy:

  1. Couple’s Spa Day or a private weekend getaway– for the laid-back lovers
  2. Horseback riding or skating– for the in-shape duo
  3. Shopping, City Sights, and an evening show– for the urban couples
  4. A wine tasting tour and culinary experience– for the food lovers
  5. Stay in and set the mood, light candles, scatter rose petals, prepare a love scavenger hunt–for the homebodies adventurous couples

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Everything Beautiful

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