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Viviscal Final Hair Review + Win a 6 Month Supply!

Viviscal-Final-Review.001Earlier this year I began my ambassador journey with Viviscal and promised to integrate this natural hair growth supplement into my daily regime. Obviously because, like most women – I want long, beautiful, healthy, shiny (I can go on), vibrant hair! And I don’t want to have to wear expensive, burdensome extensions in order to get it – not to mention it wouldn’t even be my own hair. Hearing about another hair growth supplement, I’ll admit my former skepticism. There always seems to be that new miracle solution on the market that will dissolve your beauty woes!

Before getting into the details of my 6-month journey though I’d like to say this, from previously accepting my hair to reach limited lengths, to wanting to see just how far it will grow – Viviscal has revived my strands from the inside out in a way that I had not thought possible.

Here’s how:

  •  My hair just keeps GROWING – usually I’d reach a point where I’d begin to notice breakage and/or dullness especially around the ends and it would prompt me to get a hair cut (approx. at 3 months). It’s been 6 months since I cut my hair and I have no need to anytime soon!
  • My hair is FULLER – even though my hair was never really short to warrant the need for hair extensions, I would still use them on occasion to get that super voluminous look. Now I barely think about taking them out.
  • It’s SHINIER – when your hair gets healthier, just like your skin, it becomes more radiant!

I mean…and it just keeps getting better (my most recent visit to the hair salon – I’m going back to my natural color!):

Hair-Medulla-ViviscalWhat I also love about Viviscal

  • They’re 100% DRUG FREE – no pharmaceuticals going in this body. No way. 
  • Instead, it’s a blend of essential vitamins and minerals plus a marine complex that many of us don’t get through our diets alone and so therefore, make a big different when supplemented.
  • You will actually need to take less as time goes by – my hair was growing so fast and getting so much thicker that instead of taking 2 per day, then 1 per day, then only a few times per week! Everything is definitely on an individual basis, but I find myself spreading out the supplement doses more and more while still getting amazing effects.
  • It’s the product of 20 years of vigorous scientific research! Here’s a good one to read through:

WIN a 6-Month Supply

 Follow the instructions in the box below and win a 6 month supply of Viviscal {$360 Value}!!

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  1. I would love to win a 6 month supply! I lost a lot of my hair a few years ago and could use some help now that it is starting to grow again.

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