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Wedding Crafts Made Simple

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If you really enjoy crafts, you may be thinking about crafts for your own wedding or the wedding of a friend. While this can be daunting and frightening, there are plenty of people who have made everything for their wedding, including the wedding dress! This does, of course, take substantial amounts of time and effort, but it can be worth it to create a personal and very unique wedding day for you and your husband to be.

Most people start with confetti and work their way up to the bigger items when they are first crafting. A popular touch with those who are particularly skillful in the art of paper shaping is to make the bouquets or the table flowers from paper and card. This ensures they last much longer, but also allows you to craft the flower shapes any way you like. It no longer matters if your favorite bloom is in season or not.

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Wedding invitations, like those from are usually bought from a highly reputable retailer. It is then possible to order them bespoke to your tastes and requirements. It is often possible to order them to match your handmade lanterns or other decorations you are crafting. You may be creating your own garlands or table decorations too. Those that work with glass could make some beautiful centerpieces for the big day.

If you are handy with a needle and thread, it is possible to style your own wedding dress from cuts of old ones. This level of recycling certainly does require a good level of skill, but can be very rewarding. It is particularly beneficial if you cannot find your dream dress off the peg, but you want to mix and match design details of two or three different dresses.

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Wedding jewellery is traditionally very subtle and plain. Most people enjoy delicate pearls. There is nothing in the wedding rule book to say you can’t create your own jewellery. You may want to make some matching pieces for all the bridal party. Beading or recycling of old jewellery makes it possible for you to create exactly what you want for your big day. The photography also gives you a great opportunity to market your skills and maybe even make a sale!

Crafting for a wedding needn’t be a scary proposition. You can take on as much or as little as you like, although lots of us struggle for time when we have the whole wedding to plan. Any small children that are involved in the wedding may need special outfits made bespoke, as this kind of clothing can be hard to come by. This is a perfect opportunity to flex your creative skills, but beware of growth spurts in the meantime!

However, you style or craft your wedding, making a beautiful day needn’t be tricky. You can also dramatically reduce the costs of the big day by making some of the bits and bobs yourself. For a truly unique look, try crafting your own wedding.

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