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What is a Himalayan Salt Bath?

I’ve always found a hot bath by candlelight to be an extremely therapeutic ritual. A beautiful yet simple way to indulge in relaxation and let the mind and body rid itself of accumulated tension. At the same time, a bath with the right ingredients and lunar cycle can offer a wide array of healing properties. So why not combine both?

Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest salt on earth and contains a multitude of benefits that will replenish the body inside and out. Comprised of 84 elements that are found also in the body it offers supreme rejuvenation and includes the following benefits:

  • regulates water content (relieves water retention) and promotes healthy pH balance in your cells
  • reduces the signs of aging and improves skin
  • assists the production of hydroelectric energy in your cells
  • promotes healthy blood sugar and blood regulation
  • proper absorption of food particles through intestines
  • respiratory and sinus health
  • promotes bone strength, sleep, vascular health, and libido
  • prevents muscle cramps
  • stress reliever

And what do I mean by lunar cycles? Well there is an ancient technique that combines the principles of Moon Rhythm as well as the healing powers of Himalyan Salt.  Lunar cycles have always had a profound effect on our bodies and all the organisms of the entire planet are attuned to these natural cycles–although probably on a subconscious level.

Basically, during the time of a moon change, the body has a higher response to the Himalayan salt crystals because the body’s own energy flow is activated. During a full moon the body’s absorption capacity is at its peak and it therefore soaks up the highest amount of minerals. During a new moon the body’s capacity for detoxification is at its greatest, naturally supporting a full cleanse, weight adjustment, and decontamination.


Add 1kg of Himalayan Salt to a warm bath (preferably 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) to a maximum of 28 gallons of water– add more salt to a larger bath. Also, do not add any chemical substances and refrain from eating anything heavy before bathing. Feel free to add your favourite essential oils, then light a candle and soak! (approx. 30 minutes). After the bath it is best to air dry or gently pat your skin with a towel to avoid sloughing away the absorbing salts.

Happy Bathing!

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