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What is BodyTalk?


I’m all about trying new things especially when they promise to improve my health or well-being. So when I heard about this new sensation called BodyTalk I was excited to see for myself what it was all about. First though I decided to collect some background info and was really intrigued by it’s core principals. Basically it is a holistic therapy that re-integrates the energy systems of the body so they can function at their intended prime levels. All too often the communication links between our internal mechanisms become disrupted due to a variety of daily stressors. When this happens the body becomes prone to illness, impacting one physically, emotionally, and mentally. What BodyTalk does then is bring the body back to a balanced state where communication lines are optimal, stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities and ideal functioning capacity.

More frequently we are hearing of our body’s innate wisdom to heal itself. This is also part of the underlying principals of Naturopathic Medicine. We also are becoming more aware of our interconnected nature to the environment, stress, the effects of our own perceptions, and the overall energy around us.  Therefore, it makes sense that our bodies would benefit from being brought back to an equilibrium state in order to maintain ideal health in the face of  frequent pressures. Being a student of naturopathic medicine, this seemed right up my alley.

Ok great, it will renew my body’s energy….but how?

Using an applied form of kinesiology, a BodyTalk practitioner uses muscle testing to first determine a baseline indication for ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Then by listening to the body’s response to questions relating to each of its internal systems, it guides the practitioner through a priority path of necessary energy clearing. For example, during my visit the practitioner had discovered that there was a disruption of energy in my lungs. She then proceeded to repair this energy disconnect while taking me through guided breathing. This finding was interesting to me because I always tended to breathe shallow (mostly when I’m anxious) but it’s not something anyone would readily notice.

The entire session lasted about 45 minutes and I finished off pretty relaxed to say the least. It interested me to learn the areas where my energy was detached and compare what she had found to what I physically had been experiencing. I also learned that parts of our bodies hold certain emotions. For example, the throat area holds grief while the heart can hold sorrow or joy. The experience of certain negative emotions will influence the body in distinct areas depending on the emotion. I am going back for another session soon, but would like to know… has anyone else tried BodyTalk?


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  1. Hi, great description of BodyTalk from only your first visit! I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Thanks for the great article!

  2. Love it!

    Nothing is created “randomly”. Any emotional and spiritual stresses or diseases are the root causes of all physical illnesses. Just to add: According to Caroline Myss, she identified that people who came to her with heart disease have had life experiences that led them to block out intimacy or love from their lives. People with low back pain have had persistent financial worries; people with cancer often have unresolved connections with the past, unfinished business and emotional issues; people with blood disorders have deep-seated conflicts with their families of origin.

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