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Why a Summer in Paris is Still an Absolute Must

Summer in Paris is a beautiful experience. As it’s on our doorstep, so to speak, many of us forget just how much it has to offer. With that in mind we decided to write you a guide to the many wonders the city of love still has to offer.

The monuments

Paris is of course world famous for the Eiffel Tower and if you haven’t been this should definitely be your first port of call.  Set in a stunning park the Eiffel Tower dominates the Parisian skyline and is well worth a trip to the top which offers unforgettable views across the city and beyond.  Yet the Eifel Tower is just one of the many monuments Paris has to offer. A walk down the Champs Elysee to l’Arc de Triumphe is a must as the impressive stone archway makes marble arch look like a garden gate. Finally, visit La Grande Arche de la Defense for its impressive architecture.

The Buildings

Paris boasts some of the most impassive architecture of any European city and you could happily spend hours simply ambling the streets and admiring the buildings. However, some things can’t be missed. Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the finest cathedrals in the world, though, if you fancy a brief soiree outside the city we would recommend a visit to Chartreux which is a few kilometres outside the city as it is less busy and offers unrivalled examples of stained glass. After Notre Dame head to the Sacre Coeur with its beautiful white domes. Aside from the Taj Mahal this is the most impressive building of its kind as it’s design mirrors that of the Taj Mahal itself with its long gardens and perfect white domes. Once you’ve explored these beautiful structures it’s time to head outside the city again and visit the palace at Versailles. You are unlikely to ever see anything quite as decadent in your life as Versailles is the most opulent palace ever built. You can definitely spend a full day here and it is well worth the time spent travelling.


Of course if this will be your first visit to Paris you must visit the Louvre, which is around 5 minutes’ walk from the Eiffel Tower. Arrive early as the queues become quite long over the summer months and head straight for the Mona Lisa. Once you’ve done the obligatory gawping go and see more of the impressive paintings and sculptures throughout he Louvre’s many wings and areas. The Venus De Milo is incredible but with even a remote fondness for art you can spend a full day hear happily. For those of you who have “done” the Louvre, Paris as a plethora of other museums including the Picasso museum and the museum of decorate arts. For those of you less fond of arts, the natural history museum and the museum of technology are every bit as impressive as their equivalents in the U.K.

Other highlights

Aside from the typical tourist spots, Paris boasts a whole host of activities for you to occupy your time with. One of the fashion capitals of the world; Paris has some of the finest shopping locations on this planet. French food is exquisite and I recommend you steer clear of the tourist destinations. You can eat out at a reasonable price and try some of Frances many delicacies – If you haven’t tried snails we’d recommend them, you may be pleasantly surprised. In the evenings a trip down the Seine is a beautiful and romantic experience and should be followed up by a trip one of Paris’s famous Jazz cafes where a whole host of fantastic live music plays late into the evening.

Getting there

Flight to Paris can cost as little as £30 each way I you book far enough in advance. Alternatives are the Eurostar from around £60 return or the Ferry which can cost as little as £20 for foot passengers. Whilst Paris is relatively safe many areas suffer from pickpockets so we’d recommend holiday insurance of some kind.


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