Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Makeup For Ever is celebrating the Holiday’s this season by offering YOU the best of their line in a LIMITED EDITION Wild Chic Holiday Collection! With these Fan Favourite Prodz you will have all you need to glam up for all this month’s exciting festivities!

Take a peek below at what you can pick up at Sephora or hopefully find under your tree 😉

The WILD CHIC BEST OF MAKE UP FOR EVER KIT includes all you need to create a flawless look from start to finish! This really makes gift buying easy since these products are universally flattering and gives you just the right beauty fix for all your holiday parties.

It includes the following GLAM products:

Smoky Lash Mascara–an eyeopener–literally!
Aqua Cream #13–a gorgeous shimmery touch to highlight your eyes.
Lab Shine #S4–a beautiful colour balance for your lips.
Aqua Eyes #0L–make your eyes stand out with this intense (and easy to apply) black liner!
HD Microperfecting Primer–with this great primer you don’t need to worry about your makeup creasing or creating any visible lines.
HD Microfinish Powder–and don’t forget to finish off your look with this light setting powder for a long-lasting look!

Availability: Exclusively at Sephora


For those of you who love to play around with different eye looks, the Wild Chic Aqua Eyes Collection is for you! Six different liners and an unlimited possibility for creativity, you have the perfect selection to create your stunning expert look. This limited edition collection contains five travel size Aqua Eyes liners in purple, grey, brown and two shades of blue, along with a full size liner in black.

Products include:

Aqua Eyes #0L (full size)
Aqua Eyes #2L (travel size)
Aqua Eyes #3L (travel size)
Aqua Eyes #11L (travel size)
Aqua Eyes #12L (travel size)
Aqua Eyes #21L (travel size)

Availability: Exclusively at Sephora

This will definitely be on my wishlist!

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