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Everything-Beautiful is a holistic beauty, wellness, travel, and lifestyle destination designed for those looking to take charge of their lives naturally! Founded by Erica Grenci, a health and wellness expert and graduating Naturopathic Doctor in 2016, it has been her platform for sharing creative inspiration throughout the health-conscious community.

Living Better with Pascoe

Wow… time flies!! Now that my journey with Pascoe BASENTABS has come to a close, I can truly reflect on what it actually means to neutralize my pH balance and create a healthy living system within myself. By being mindful of what I was putting into my body over the past few months, the lifestyle choices I’ve made on a ... Read More »

Optimizing your pH for a Healthy Body

It’s been almost a month since I’ve been making the conscious attempt to shift my pH balance  towards a more alkaline state. And wow, things can happen quickly if you just make the simple intention to commit a goal! I went from an average pH balance of 6, to a whooping 8!! And I feel incredible. It’s one of those ... Read More »

Improving Acid-Base Balance with Pascoe

You may have heard about the multitude of health benefits to consuming a predominantly alkaline diet, aka plant-based. Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs, nuts, and seeds has been shown to create an optimal environment where disease cannot flourish. Alternatively, a diet too high in acid-forming foods such as red meat, processed foods, soda ... Read More »

Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

Beach time or not – these waves (no pun intended) will have you rocking that summer vibe in style! Beautifully chic and effortless, you can easily re-create this look with only a few simple tools and tricks. Thanks to Rino Balzano and the Taz Hair team, here’s how to learn it straight from the pros! Tutorial: Begin by brushing hair ... Read More »

5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Joints Young

Joints are like the glue that holds the body together, connecting bone to bone, creating both stability and movement within the same space. And like any machine – they need to be maintained! Over time your joints can become inflamed and there could also be a loss of the synovial fluid that keeps them “well oiled”. These issues can lead ... Read More »

Handstand Progression Challenge Outcomes #EvenBetter

What an awesome {and challenging!} journey it’s been practicing handstands daily. Although it’s only been 2 weeks, I’m amazed at how well my body has responded to consistent practice. From barely being able to gather the arm strength to do a wall-assisted handstand, to holding the wall-assisted posture for longer than a minute – so exciting! It also seems the ... Read More »

You’re Invited: Style Democracy x TOMS Shoes

YOU’RE INVITED: Style Democracy x TOMS Shoes I’ve definitely been showing my love for TOMS over the past year, as they’ve not only got great style, but their humble beginnings with only a mission to help those in need has turned into a global philanthropic movement with each pair of shoes sold. And now? They’ve teamed up with Style Democracy ... Read More »

Handstand Progression Challenge #EvenBetter

Recently, I was challenged by Ocean Spray® to set a new healthy goal for myself over the next few weeks, and because these are the very things I find most exciting these days *no sarcasm here*, I was definitely game! Since I’ve been striving to deepen my yoga practice (and wondering how on earth people master handstands so beautifully), I ... Read More »

WIN a $10,000 Home Makeover with Artemano

Artemano, my favorite home decor destination, has recently launched their Artemano Family Moments campaign! They are sharing their very own family moments and favorite Artemano treasures on their blog and are inviting you to participate in-store to WIN. Read full contest details below 🙂 The art of building ambiances and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes ... Read More »

Fashion for the Environment: How MiiK Clothing is Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

Wearing Miik Convertible Panel Dress In moving towards a sustainable future for our beloved planet, we need to be looking at all aspects of our lives. The foods we eat and how they are grown, the types of resources we consume, and most definitely, the clothing we decide to wear! To shed light on the gravity of this proportion – ... Read More »

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