Thursday , 26 April 2018
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CUCUMBER Slices for Chapped Lips?!

Cucumber slices have been famed for reducing eye puffiness and have become a staple in Spas and home remedies. They also have made their way into face masks and are commonly infused in water for a healthy drink. But NOW we find that it could be great for chapped lips too!

So what is the key to this miracle beauty vegetable?!

Well, for starters it is very high in absorbic acid (vitamin C) which stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen you probably already know is what gives your lips that fullness and plump look we all desire! This is why there are collagen injections, collagen lip plumpers, and why we try to promote its formation in general. It’s a fibrous protein that also gives our skin a more youthful appearance and when collagen breaks down naturally as we age this is why we develop wrinkles (due to its lack). So hail collagen, you beauty lifeline!

Second, cucumbers are 90% water! When applied to your lips it then hydrates and refreshes them by restoring its moisture. This is major when trying to achieve a pretty pucker!

Last, cucumbers contain caffeic acid which is an antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals thereby protecting your lips from sun damage!

Well I definitely put this ritual to the test considering winter is looming and my skin and lips are already taking on the signs. I took one slice of cucumber and let it soak into my lips for about 15 minutes and my lips were already noticeably smoother and fuller. To top it off I also added a dab of organic coconut oil for its wonderful emollient properties and to help retain the moisture from the cucumber. After only two applications my lips feel fantastic!

So before you go out and spend your money on pseudocollagen, use this simple home remedy to stimulate your collagen naturally! 🙂 And you can save your $$$ too!


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  1. Thanks for sharing…i have tried it twice now and yeah its working out.

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